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What he discovered was ground breaking!

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Christian discovered that of all the factors that make up healthy churches, there were eight essential quality characteristics. Each of the eight had to be present for a church to be healthy. These eight essential quality characteristics are:.

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The key in each quality characteristic is the adjective: empowering, gift-oriented, passionate, functional, etc. Every church has some sort of leadership or worship or structure. Not all exemplify the adjective at the front of each of these quality characteristics. So how can the discoveries of Natural Church Development help in growing healthy churches?

Taking the NCD survey will not make your church healthy but it will show you where to apply your energy to get the maximum results. As you view your results you will see that one characteristic will be the lowest. This is called your minimum factor. Imagine a barrel with eight staves, each representing one of the eight quality characteristics. The staves of the barrel each reach only as high as the score of that characteristic.

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So to increase the capacity of the barrel, we must increase the height of the lowest stave. NCD is not a program to institute in your church. She loves helping people build their own bridges to what could be! Contact Cindy. David Hoeflein David is a certified leadership coach and itinerant minister. Through coaching, he loves empowering and equipping leaders to expand the Kingdom in ways that fit their design. David and his wife, Kaitlyn, like to travel and go on adventures.

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They love exploring cities, cultural experiences, and ethnic eateries. David's passion is igniting pastors and leadership teams by helping them find their signature mission and go after it. David has four coaching certifications. In , he received coach training through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching while working on his Master of Divinity at Regent University.

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If you are a person looking to continue in your journey of discovering your strengths and realizing your dreams we should talk. Contact Eric. Eric Scott. Eric is the Care Pastor for a multi-site church in upstate New York. Eric enjoys encouraging ministers with care responsibilities in their churches, especially in the important area of self-care.

They love their 4 children deeply and have especially loved the new era of grand-parenting! Eric loves to connect with people hungry to grow in the Lord in his office, but even more taking a meeting out on a bike trail when possible:. Eric has been certified with Lifeforming and Bridges. He came into coaching through his wife's influence, but quickly realized the coaching process is a must for those who are running the marathon of ministry.

When Eric realized people's issues were opportunities for their growth and that they were ultimately responsible to discover how they could choose to grow - that was a game-changer!

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Joe is a pastor to pastors. His greatest mission is to see leaders reach their maximum potential. He and his wife of 34 years live in an historic village in upstate NY. They have 3 grown children and 3 amazing grandchildren!

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They are "foodies" and love trying new restaurants in their surrounding area. Joe says, "I have watched what coaching can accomplish when leaders begin the journey to understand themselves more deeply and live with great purpose and fulfillment. Joe began coach training in order to come alongside pastors and leaders that he works with on a daily basis. He has seen the need for leadership development and a support system to help leaders move through change. Joe has realized a need for coaching small church pastors and leaders to find solutions for their unique and particular situations.

If you are a pastor or leader looking for clarity, change and leadership development, Joe has some powerful questions that will help you on your journey! He loves working with small church leaders and pastors on their specific, unique challenges. Contact Joe. His mission is to empower broken and tired pastors and leaders who at times feel challenged to even put one foot in front of the other. He thrives on coaching people out of the everyday trenches of life and back onto the battlefield of Victory!

As a husband, dad, pastor, ministry and business leader, Kevin is amazed at how the coaching paradigm has revolutionized his leadership abilities and those he coaches. He is that brother who walks beside you and helps hold your arms up when you feel weak. Why wait another moment to get where you want to go? Contact Kevin. Lauren Gildersleeve Lauren works in the health and fitness industry. She loves working with individuals who want to defy odds and define themselves.

Lauren and her husband live in central Iowa. Lauren is an enthusiast for adventure as she loves the outdoors- hiking trails, mountain climbing, playing nearly any sport, running, and rock climbing.

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She loves to travel, hang out with family and friends, drink coffee, eat popcorn and read a good book. Lauren loves the uniqueness of each individual life and believes each person has a story to share that adds value to this world. Lauren has three coaching certifications. She began her coaching journey several years ago when she discovered the freedom and lasting results of the coaching paradigm. If you are a person looking to overcome any obstacle or issue in life, Lauren would love the opportunity to partner with you in your venture!

Contact Lauren.

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