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Back when he was known as Captain Marvel, the hero and his title, Marvel Family Comics , were some of the best-selling comics on Earth, outselling even Krypton's most famous son at times. Superman and Captain Marvel both represented a very popular, yet specific, wish fulfilment: the dream of becoming the most powerful person on Earth.

Captain Marvel turned the concept on its head by creating a character who literally represented the reader who were almost all kids at the time.

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Billy Batson was an otherwise perfectly normal boy who could transform into an adult hero that just happened to be a lot like Superman. Detective Comics, Inc. The lawsuit would stretch on for over a decade—during which time DC even changed its name—and eventually ended with the company now known as National Comics Publications coming out on top, which meant that Fawcett could no longer publish comics about their most famous hero. Years later in , DC would license the Marvel Family, including the hero that they believed was inspired by the most iconic member of their trinity.

Now under the banner of the same publisher, the two heroes were destined to become even more closely connected than before. The similarities between the heroes made them natural partners or foils, and the comic book canon of Shazam and Superman began.

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Though Big Blue only featured on the front cover, it was the beginning of a long relationship between the two heroes which would become vital to the journey of Shazam, especially as the hero wouldn't properly join main DC continuity until a few years later. The first full crossover of Superman and Captain Marvel also happened to be the first time that the entirety of the Marvel Family was introduced into the DC Universe.

Justice League of America 7 was a three-issue story arc known as "Crisis on Earth-S," which saw the nefarious King Kull attempt to take over Earth-S, which is, of course, the universe where the man who would be known as Shazam resides. The first issue saw the introduction of Captain Marvel's Squadron of Justice, who would fight alongside the Justice League to save the day.

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In the second issue, fans met Billy Batson's friends and fellow heroes, Freddie Freeman and Mary Batson, who'd been struck down by the misfortune of having the power of the gods taken from them, leading to the Justice League, Justice Society of America and Squadron of Justice having to take their places as the heroes of Earth-S. In the moments following Comic-Con, we caught up with the Kirby family to see what it meant to see one of Jack's iconic creations come to life.

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Jeremy Kirby, Jack's grandson, admits he was thrilled when he found out Marvel Studios would be adapting the comic run for a live-action film. Those feelings were amplified when the family saw the cast and crew behind the movie on stage at Hall H this past weekend.

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Kevin Feige is a true Kirby fan and the cast and crew of the movie are fantastic. The series is noted for its strong, otherworldly cosmic tones that are unmistakably unique to Kirby.

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