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The church is criticized for having abandoned the love it had at first, and is warned to repent and go back to the first works or lose its lamp-stand—i. The warning comes from Christ who walks among the seven golden lamp-stands. The reward of the over-comer is everlasting life--to eat of the tree of life in Paradise.

The key issue depends on understanding the departure from "the love you had at first" or "first love". First love conjures up two images: a teenager with a passionate firstlove affair; and the new Christian whose wonderful love for Christ, released from the bondage of sin, expresses unrestrained witness for weeks and months. Teenage passion, infatuation, or puppy love would not have been a common event in traditional Jewish society because women were secluded.

Spouses did not have time together until the wedding celebration.

What does it mean to have left your first love (Revelation )? |

That kind of first love would not be likely for John's Revelation. Jacob's passion for Rachel is an exception. The Song of Songs is another exception. Chivalry and courtship rituals began in medieval Europe. The beautiful first-love of a new believer is to be marveled at.

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But the unrestrained energy and absence of circumspection cannot be sustained and almost always fades. We do not suppose that that kind of first-love is intended here. One biblical statement of first love is Jer. Israel was holy to the Lord, the first fruits of His harvest. We are to put our whole selves into loving God. The commandment is repeated in Deut.

The next verse Deut. What love is likely to replace the love of God? THe love of Venus in all her varied disguises is the obsession of our society. The nespapers speak of a sex-drenched culture. The question that often concludes a discussion of Pope Francis is what decisions he will make on the issue of male homosexuality. A picture of a sex-reversed male was on the cover of Vogue. Pornography is available in every imaginable form.

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Nicolaus would be amazed. The consequences of not serving God with "joyfulness and gladness of heart" Deut. A deep and passionate love for God is commanded. What I want to do now is tell you what it is all about and how to understand its incredible message. Here are four keys to developing a love for the book of Revelation:.

What kind of literature is it?

This new reality reveals the true heavenly world that takes precedence over the temporary earthly realm we inhabit in this world. Evil will never triumph, and those who put their trust in God will be the final victors when this wicked world ends for all eternity. Most of us think the book is concerned only with the future, with the end of the world. In actuality, it deals as much with the present as with the future.

It is about the war between good and evil, between the satanic powers and the people of God. The primary theme is about the absolute sovereignty of God, about Lord God Almighty nine times , a title that means God is exercising his omnipotent control over this world and shows himself to be Lord of all. Satan throughout the book is virtually a futile figure. The dragon, beast, and false prophet are a false Trinity. The mark of the beast is a satanic imitation of the sealing of the saints Satan demands worship , 8 and tries to be king of kings He knows God has done everything perfectly and can only copy that perfect work.

This world is his prison house 2 Pet ; Jude 6.

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  • The battle was won for all time on the cross, and we have authority over the demonic forces Mark ; So the book of Revelation records the prophecies regarding our present and future victories in the ultimate World War, and we cannot lose. I belong to the latter position, based on 2 Thessalonians and 1 John ; , all of which I believe prophesy the appearance of a person at the end of history. For Revelation this means God is allowing evil to grow and perhaps soon will allow it to be personified in a demonic figure known as the Anti-Christ who will present himself as the final Caesar, both god and king of the world.

    This book is not just a set of prophecies but is also a story with a plot and narrative flow. It is a fun read but a very serious one. The core of the story centers on the three seven-fold judgments—the seal, trumpet, and bowl judgments of chapters 6— These judgments reenact the plagues of Egypt and have the same purpose—disproving the earthly gods demonic forces and proving that God alone is in charge.

    The final encouragement to all of you who see this blog post: read, enjoy, and be comforted! This book was inspired to comfort all faithful followers, challenge the weak Christians among them, and warn the unbelievers, with the hope of greater faithfulness for the first group, revival for the second group, and conversion for the third group.

    The Love of Jesus & The Mysteries of the 144,000. Understanding Revelation Chapters 7-8 (14 of 20)

    Grant Osborne is an award-winning author and theologian, known for his groundbreaking title The Hermeneutical Spiral , plus dozens of other volumes. Will the volumes to this commentary set be available individually? Share on Twitter.

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    How I came to love this beautiful, fascinating book I became excited about the book of Revelation only a few years after I was asked to teach it by my department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Here are four keys to developing a love for the book of Revelation: Revelation is a very specific kind of literature What kind of literature is it? Closing thoughts The final encouragement to all of you who see this blog post: read, enjoy, and be comforted!

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