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Is your relationship having a midlife sleep crisis?

I am a 40 something married woman who dates married men. Most of my dates are in their 40's and beyond and guess what the main complaint about their wives is?

The Kelly Home for Divorced Pre-Menopausal Women Ann Latin Lee

NO SEX. As wives, we cannot let our relationships go, we have to nurure them so that our husbands are not inclined to look elsewhere for what they should be getting AT HOME. What about your hubby? Does he know your cheating or is this a mutually consent action on both your part? If you are both on the same page more power to you--I'm not.

Ulrika Jonsson's Menopause Symptoms Made Her Fear Her Depression Had Returned - Lorraine

After many conversations with this 3 victim my soon to be x-spouse has met his match. They deaerve each other. In the meantime I know what he lost and what I have gainedmany caring children, family, friends and currently still making many good quality friendships. I'm enjoying what I have missed out on the past 44 years. A new wonderful, meaningful and fulfilling life. If your spouse does not know your outside behavior how would you feel if he found out about your promiscuoous behavior?

I agree, the wife who slept with married men and gave them sex and companionship is not a Christian person. If you are married and giving other married men sex and companionship then you are a whore. If there was money involved she would be called a prostitute.


I hope she uses protection, how would she feel if she got an STD? Hmmmm, thats what they are telling you. You can't be that naive?

Why all men should fear the menopause | Daily Mail Online

What else would they tell you, that all is great at home. How much sympathy do you they would get if they said that? You believe the men you are sleeping with? Your cheating on your husband and why? My ex before the divorce stopped having sex with me because he was already seeing another woman. I always gave him sex every time he wanted it. I always tried my best to make him happy, let me tell you this, if a woman is going to offer free sex, then a man will take it, I don't wish divorce on anyone, you really should think about working on your marriage because you may regret it someday.

With our elongated lifespans, if you are with a partner who has checked out for X reason fill in blank here , and you try to get it back on track, unsuccessfully which takes BOTH in the relationship by the way , at age 50 one is looking at a potential of 40 more years of it. Options abound, longer lifespans, more economic freedoms and various other factors make staying less palatable. I see that is not the men who are intiating divorcing, mid life - it is the women.

For women in their 40's and beyond, most are NOT divorcing for another partner, they are divorcing to be on their own. And to maybe find more robust partners who want sexual intimacy - without shouldering the burdens of marriage. Sure, some men intiate divorce mid-life, but that is normally because there is someone who may or may not be much younger in age waiting in the wings for them.

And I agree with the comments above on the sexless issue. And it will drive a stake through the heart of marriage.

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Women may be the initiator of divorce on paper, but those statistics don't tell the whole story. Wives must sometimes initiate the process because the husband simply won't - even though he's moved out of the house and on with someone else. All the tissues in my law firm go to cheating men who are getting divorced by their wives. I'm going to go along with "dissolutiion of a marital sex life," but with a twist.

My own wife is on Lexapro which has absolutely murdered her libido. Dealing with my own resentment over something obviously beyond her control is immensely frustrating and while divorce may technically be an option, the circumstances don't make for it a very ethical to say the least one. I guess my eventual point is if one person or other isn't pulling their weight, separation may be justified. In some cases, however, it's no one's fault and things are as they are First, there is sex addiction which is a standard dopamine receptor deficits genetic, inherited mental illness.

Then many men, starting age 55 start to experience declines in brain capacities and a rise in disinhibnition. But actually the incidence of actual extramarital and divorces in later life are trivial.

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The divorce rate folks is about 3. You called it in my case, Sleep Running. My loving, loyal husband of 25 years abandoned me and our children the day after buying an expensive condo in secret, drained the bank accounts and started frequenting bars, doing drugs and hiring prostitutes. He intends on marrying one next month. I knew that never in a million years would he set out to crush us unless something was seriously medically wrong with him. A neurologist at a university hospital diagnosed him with frontotemporal dementia, the most common type of young-onset dementia, which is under-recognized and often misdiagnosed, or simply dismissed as a "midlife crisis.

Geez, this makes me feel much better about my divorce after 35 years of marriage. I'm in the 3. You quote Gottman, but then go into a stereotypical analysis of mid-life marriage collapse I think, as a psychologist, your readers deserve better.

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  8. It would be interesting to hear a discussion about sexual needs of men at midlife, as their bodies change from being strongly driven by hormones to having emotional and sensual needs. It would be interesting to hear a discussion about marital dissatisfaction associated with the demands of parenting, sometimes leading to couple alienation.

    It would be interesting to hear what roles woman play, if any, in the demise of mid-life marriages. I think this is right on in many ways.

    Causes of a Rising Midlife Divorce Rate: What’s Behind The Shocking New Epidemic

    The problem with the no sex, or at the very least, when it becomes much less in midlife can be for many reasons. In my case, it had always been fantastic, then a few years ago, my now ex out of the blue states that "he doesn't think he loves me any more because I am too fat". Thing is, I was not really overweight maybe 10 lbs at best. That completely rocked me to the core and he would not apologize for it. Just said he was being honest. It completely ruined our marriage in many ways and we went to therapy once over it. He got mad and would not go after that.

    I believe he said it to sabotage our relationship. Then, he up and left me a little over a year ago, we were divorced within 6 months and that is the end of that. I found out he had been having an affair about the time our divorce was final. Yet, he blamed me for the demise of the marriage.

    Funny thing is, the woman is younger, however, she is very old looking actually.

    I am 57 and I look at least 10 years younger than my age. She is 42 and I would say she looks AND, she is quite heavy and pretty unattractive. Will never figure it out where he was coming from on all of this. Mostly, I think he just got bored and this was an easy way out. Very sad after 26 years together. Most divorces happen at an age when women are going through menopause, because when they lose all their hormones they lose that nurturing need to take care of everyone and think more like a man.

    They examine their marriage through a microscope. Usually this is the age a man is also going through midlife and his behavior is out of the ordinary and not taking his wife into consideration. When a husband is not treating his wife right and disrespecting her, the wife will not put up with this anymore like she may have in the past. After menopause women refuse to be a doormat. Most men are selfish and want to be served but don't want to serve. Women are just coming to their senses at this age and are fed up.

    They see more clearly.