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Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008)

You need to be able to meet their specific need in order for them to buy from you. This will help with your marketing. Give students incredible information and free value. Because if something of yours has value, people want their friends to see it, and it allows your potential students to get to know you.

That way, you have an entire list of people who are interested in you and your course. Your students buy from you so they can experience a shift in their lives — honor your role in helping them make that shift. Be present and supportive to each and every student. Do some research online or in Facebook groups to see what kind of questions your students are asking.

Vow to do just one call, and see how you feel. Taking one small step forward helps you slowly start to unravel any fear you might have about connecting one-on-one with your audience. Sometimes, the only thing getting in the way of success is yourself. The Online Course Success Summit was big on strategy, but also on mindset. They focused on the biggest thing that stops people from becoming successful in the online course space: perfection. Perfection seems impossible to overcome, but we need to at least temporarily set it aside when we need to get things done.

How do we do that?

Chris Zaino suggests being a potentialist, not a perfectionist. The time you spend fussing over perfection is time away from getting the thing you want done.

Actions and Detail Panel

Will you really feel like you produced something? Or do you have to keep it on your to-do list for another week because you were too busy perfecting one picture? Perfect is only a distraction. And in fact, Jen Gottlieb of Unfair Advantage put perfection in a different light for me.

You have to put something out there, anything, to show what you have to offer, and even just that you exist. Jason Alan Miller of Peaceful Media offered a masterclass on the summit about how to get yourself in the game with a minimum viable product platform. He focused on helping people set up their website and email service provider, as well as basic tracking. How accurate is that? The best way to get past perfectionism is to show up. Shamina Taylor spelled this out perfectly in her masterclass.

Get moving and take action. Sometimes, the path reveals itself after you take the first step. Also, Jen Gottlieb recommends finding gratitude in your imperfections. But these imperfections are what make you different. Too often, we think of courses as content that we create so people will buy and learn from it. But online courses are so much more than that. He gave the example of being a relationship coach. If you build a course on relationships, your course could be the reason someone leaves their husband or wife.

A transformation? Nowadays, if you talk to any course creator, their biggest problem is likely marketing or technology.

So how can we make our courses more impactful, and make sure our students are getting a transformation? I am so grateful for the Success Magazine and the CDs! It makes available necessary information and tools, as well as training opportunities in the form of seminars and conferences to pave a pathway to success.

Leadership training is the best! My thought processes are changing and getting better. Summit is vital to helping me "become". I love the positives and great support! So easy to present, train, and motivate with the success website. Summit fulfills the requirement for me to stay focused, motivated and engaged in my personal improvement, and business development goals.

A must for anyone looking to achieve their goals with the Juuva business. We have access to top-notch tools and training for a very small price. Having a brand new person be able to listen to talks, read about the cycle of duplication, see the leaders and people earning pins gives us all credibility. The fact sheets, Getting Started Workbook, action packs, Success Magazine and CDs, seminars, conferences, Hurdlr Tax System, and personal website are all part of the track for people to reach higher levels of success quicker.

Juuva looks very professional with Summit Success as our training system.

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Email Address. Summit Success is the training and mentoring system associated with and authorized by Juuva. While Juuva and Summit are separate entities, they work synergistically to support all Juuva Distributors.

Sherpa sets new record after 24th successful Mount Everest summit

Dave Kerpen. Why how you do one thing is how you do everything Why you need an advisory board The problem with not being taught to understand one another. Daniel Puder. On not acting out of fear Why there are no magic beans! Lain Ehman.

Soar to success online summit

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Thursday 7th September. Propelling Others to Success. Why you must ask what you are meant to do The purpose of success Helping others live the lives they were meant to live — not the lives they tell themselves they should live. Alli Worthington. There is no mastermind fairy, and what you can do about it The importance of transparency in masterminds The logistics of running a successful mastermind. Matt McWilliams. On offering your services as a potential mentor On crowd-sourcing advice from multiple mentors On having the guts to ask What mentors really want — and how to appeal to them as a potential mentee Why all mentors should give mentees a first assignment.

Cassie Boorn. On Mentoring and Being a Go-Giver. The importance of knowing what you will and will not do On setting rules for your life and your success Why you need to hire giants On mentoring and being a go-giver. Craig Ballantyne. The Power of Indirect Mentoring. Andy Traub. On Leading Others to Success. Chris LoCurto. Why people development is a force multiplier What a hot wash is — and why it matters The problem of leading too much Why you need to slow down to speed up.

Jan Rutherford. Ask and You Will Succeed. Ken Foster. Friday 8th September. What stability means to you On developing a career narrative On being crystal clear on what you need to move away from The push vs. Kevin Kermes. The Invisible Glass Ceiling. Why we grow up thinking we need a big machine to protect us On not wanting other people to have power over your destiny The importance of knowing if you are motivated by positive or negative reinforcement. Jonathan Green. The Key to Mindset when it Comes to Success. On updating the operating system in your life Why we need clarity on who we want to be.