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But Scorpion is unwilling to get involved.

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What Scorpion uncovers sends the CIA scrambling: evidence linking the attack to an unknown Iranian master spy codenamed "the Gardener". Scorpion follows the trail to Zurich and Barcelona, where he meets his match in Scale, an agent as lethal as the viper that is his namesake. A deadly dance of deception ensues, bringing Scorpion into Tehran's inner circle as the clock to war ticks down to its final seconds. But not even the political elite know who the Gardener is - or what his next move might be.

Orchestrated by a shadowy figure with unclear allegiances known only as "the Gardener", the perpetrators steal classified lists of aliases and photographs of CIA undercover operatives in Europe and the Middle East. Scorpion, whose true identity is compromised, spends the novel hunting or hunted by the ruthless Gardener, "as dangerous an adversary as he had ever faced," while the U.

For lovers of espionage and intrigue, the thriller overflows with coded messages, universal keys, and Krav Maga, while a dangerous side story involving Scorpion's lover Sandrine, a French doctor based at a Kenyan refugee camp, reminds of the daily tragedies affected by political machinations and power plays.

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Packed with action, the plot is propelled by modern anxieties about America's potential for war with Iran. In this exhilarating, action-packed espionage thriller, Kaplan's writing is reminiscent of the best of Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. The writing is superbly fast-paced and the superhero versus supervillain plot makes for a heart-pounding and satisfying ride for any fans of this genre.

In Switzerland, a hit team raids the American embassy and steals information listing names of government officials from various departments and agents The blame falls on Iran and as America gears up for possible war, Scorpion is pulled back into the espionage game to discover the truth. The Deadly Alliance was no more.

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Quan Chi defeated Shang Tsung and revelled in his conquest. But it is said that there is only one true ruler of Outworld. And that ruler had returned: Onaga , former emperor of Outworld, the Dragon King. The prophecy had been fulfilled. The Dragon King had indeed returned to Outworld to reclaim his army and impose his dominance. Death awaited all who stood in his way. And so it was that a new alliance formed out of desperation.

Scorpion Deception

Sworn enemies joined forces to kombat a greater threat. Raiden began to realize that even their combined might was not enough to defeat the Dragon King.

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  7. There was only one chance left. Now Onaga has what he needs to shape the Realms as he sees fit. I was the fool who brought him this power.

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    Only I can destroy this threat, born of deception. Kitana , Kung Lao , Jax , Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage were defeated during their battle against the Tarkatan warriors, Frost was consumed by her own freezing ability and put into the tombs of the Cryomancers, and Sub-Zero was trapped in Outworld, trying to find the portal back to Earthrealm. He had the upper hand for most of the fight, besting Tsung and Quan Chi, until Tsung absorbed a soul from the Soulnado and knocked him down with a fireball.

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    Despite Tsung's efforts, Quan Chi proved too much for him. When Quan Chi stood alone, a hulking form entered the tomb, and the mummies of the Dragon King's army turned to kneel. In disbelief, Quan Chi looked in shock and in great horror Onaga , the Dragon King, had returned.

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    Quan Chi knew that the Dragon King had come to claim his amulet. Quan Chi used his powers against Onaga, but he could not stop him. Even with Tsung, and then Raiden, helping him, they could not stop Onaga. Raiden concentrated his godlike essence into a single blast, which destroyed the palace and everything within, but Onaga was unharmed, and possessed the amulet. Onaga now seeks to use six artifacts called Kamidogu to fuse the realms into the One Being , resulting in the destruction of everything therein.

    These include the Tarkatan horde led by Baraka and their former allies, who were resurrected by Onaga and are under his control. Raiden became corrupted by his suicide by Onaga's magic and resurrected Liu Kang 's body and sent it on a rampage.

    The spirit of Liu Kang joins Ermac to help him save his friends. In the story explored in Konquest mode, a young man named Shujinko is deceived hence the game's title into spending his life collecting the Kamidogu for Onaga, who uses the guise of an emissary of the Elder Gods named Damashi. This is prior to Onaga's resurrection in the body of Reptile. Onaga only reveals his identity and intentions after Shujinko has gathered all the Kamidogu.