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If you disliked or despised certain lads in your class you will dislike them even more when they become financiers, statesmen or five star generals.

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Life forces us to learn a few lessons, but not necessarily to grow. And there is nothing you can say or do to prevent it. Like George Eliot, who so poignantly observed the trajectory of happiness over the course of human life , Miller extols the essential psychoemotional supremacy of old age:. At eighty I believe I am a far more cheerful person than I was at twenty or thirty. I most definitely would not want to be a teenager again. Youth may be glorious, but it is also painful to endure…. I was cursed or blessed with a prolonged adolescence; I arrived at some seeming maturity when I was past thirty.

It was only in my forties that I really began to feel young.

By then I was ready for it. Perhaps it is curiosity — about anything and everything — that made me the writer I am. It has never left me…. With this attribute goes another which I prize above everything else, and that is the sense of wonder.

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No matter how restricted my world may become I cannot imagine it leaving me void of wonder. In a sense I suppose it might be called my religion. I do not ask how it came about, this creation in which we swim, but only to enjoy and appreciate it. Perhaps the most comforting thing about growing old gracefully is the increasing ability not to take things too seriously. One of the big differences between a genuine sage and a preacher is gaiety.

When the sage laughs it is a belly laugh; when the preacher laughs, which is all too seldom, it is on the wrong side of the face.

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Equally important, Miller argues, is countering the human compulsion for self-righteousness. With advancing age my ideals, which I usually deny possessing, have definitely altered. Lord, hear our prayers for all Seabees, Where'er they be on land or sea.

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  6. Dietrich Lord God, our power evermore, Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor, Dive with our men beneath the sea; Traverse the depths protectively. O hear us when we pray, and keep Them safe from peril in the deep. David B.

    As a Child

    Miller O God, protect the women who, In service, faith in thee renew; O guide devoted hands of skill And bless their work within thy will; Inspire their lives that they may be Examples fair on land and sea. Lines , Merle E. Strickland and adapted by James D. Shannon Lines , Beatrice M.

    Truitt Creator, Father, who dost show Thy splendor in the ice and snow, Bless those who toil in summer light And through the cold antarctic night, As they thy frozen wonders learn; Bless those who wait for their return. Vogel Eternal Father, Lord of hosts, Watch o'er the men who guard our coasts. Protect them from the raging seas And give them light and life and peace.

    Heart And Mind

    Grant them from thy great throne above The shield and shelter of thy love. Author unknown Eternal Father, King of birth, Who didst create the heaven and earth, And bid the planets and the sun Their own appointed orbits run; O hear us when we seek thy grace For those who soar through outer space. Volonte Creator, Father, who first breathed In us the life that we received, By power of thy breath restore The ill, and men with wounds of war. Bless those who give their healing care, That life and laughter all may share. Galen H. Meyer Adapted by James D. Shannon God, Who dost still the restless foam, Protect the ones we love at home.

    Provide that they should always be By thine own grace both safe and free. O Father, hear us when we pray For those we love so far away. Give us, we pray, comfort in our anxiety and fear, courage and strength in our suffering, patience and compassion in our caring, consolation in our grieving. But above all, give us hope now and always, through the same Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    As these tapers burn with visible fire and dispel the darkness of night, So may our hearts with the help of thy grace be enlightened by the invisible fire of the splendor of the Holy Ghost, and may be free from all blindness of sin. Clarify the eyes of our minds that we may see what is pleasing to thee and conducive to our salvation.

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    After the dark perils of this life, let us be worthy to reach the eternal light. Through thee, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, who in perfect Trinity liveth and reigneth, God, forever and ever. In leaving this candle, I wish to give you something of myself.

    Help me to continue this prayer into everything I do this day.