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So it is done! Your wisdom sought in the depths of the Mind! Come thou forth! What is the origin of the Adversary and the Fallen Angels of myth? My task at hand with this book has been to open forth Sheol, the hollow pits of Dudael and shadow forth with certainty all the elements of Azazel and the Watchers. This book is a calling to the spirits of the Nephilim, the Watchers and the Fallen Angels of Myth and religion from the depths of our subconscious.

In Luciferianism, the process is similar. Each word typed and printed is an invocation to darkness and light, a restoring of the Adversarial Current which is in line with the universe itself.

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Where Chaos reigns does Order emerge in place for a time. The path of Adversarial Magick is centered on self-empowerment and illumination.

With this it also leads to Power and Wisdom through. May each word invoke the powers of Darkness which inspires Light; I wish each of you to ascend and descend to rise again as living Gods and Goddesses. Luciferianism is not a reactionary ideology, it moves well beyond the devils of the western and eastern mythologies;. The Adversary is perceived as being the "light bringer" and empowering spirit in which the individual models their initiation on.

The Mind is trained to "think" as a God or Goddess, thus liberating the self from restrictive spirituality. The avenues of initiation within Luciferianism are as varied as its initiates. Lucifer is merely a symbol for a deeper, more enriching, diverse energy surrounding the order, thus allowing a trans-cultural embrace of darkness and the light contained within.

Adversarial Light, known as Luciferian Magick, alchemical changes within the mind and soul of the initiate, thus. If you have studied Magick before, worked with Goetia, Key of Solomon or any other grimoire then you must be prepared to think differently. Luciferian Witchcraft and Magick is about transforming the self into a divine intelligence- continually. The Disorder itself is the self-liberation and Luciferian knife which severs the ties of dogma and strict belief structures which do not allow individual growth.

Luciferianism in short offers many paths which lead to light; self-knowledge and individualistic wisdom. The Testament of Naphtali, an old text denounces the Watchers for "departing from Nature's order" and this is what the Left Hand Path is: neither hating nor destroying nature, rather "Nature's order" represents fashioning results based on your own desire, not "going with the flow" so to speak. This is true Antinomianism, breaking outer or non-self related spiritual laws. The Watchers as balanced spiritual beings or deific masks depending on your interpretation are presented in a way which will grant you a strong amount of insight through practice.

Invoking and working with the ancient spirits of witchcraft is as varied as the individual. The framework offered here alone provides possibilities for numerous interpretations and assumptions of individual power. Adversary from all cultures; however I have attempted to keep the focus rather narrow in this grimoire.

The lore of Lucifer was significant as I felt there needed to be a work which explored the myth of Lucifer and the various energies which fed this current assumption of the Adversary. What you will find missing is the legend of Aradia and the tale of Diana and Lucifer, which you will find published elsewhere.

I honestly feel Author Raven Grimassi provides a foremost expertise in that area, thus it is best explored in the Strega tradition. I trust you will find this book as a gateway to the Luciferian path if the spirits call. The paths of evolution are not incorrect. Time and motion along with environment produce.

The ancient father who brought us the light of consciousness was brought forth as a rebellious power, his form early on was that of a Lion-headed Serpent. The power was within his eyes,. They flashed with lightning fires, for this was the mark of intelligence and knowing.

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It was that from the abyss in which the darkness enveloped and gave rest to the First Archon that his Luminous Fire shines forth in darkness, his light being brighter than any other being. The First Archon, who was named Samael, also was called Yaltabaoth and Saklas, his power was greater than any other. His form was primal and terrifying to those who beheld it, the other spirits which could not stand to it chose to ignore this Archon, for he was within his own realm with this great fire of life.

It was his gift to create, to learn about his nature and that he may create and take life according to his will. The luminous fire of his awakening would be shared with others; he created from his fire authorities which would go forth with him as Angels of Chaos.

The Lion-Faced Serpent, the great fiery-eyed Archon who was bright had mixed Light with Darkness, to create balance with the empyrean and infernal. Nebro, a word meaning "Rebel" is also a name of Samael, who is described as having a. The First is Athoth, who is called the Reaper and initiates between the living flesh and spirit liberated. The Third Archon is Kalila-Oumbri. The Forth Archon is Yabel.

The Fifth Archon is Adonaiou, who is called also Sabaoth. The Seventh is Abel. Samael then placed Five Kings over the Depths of the Abyss. Samael shared his Blackened Fire with them, knowledge came. Their motto is thus the same, for they are alone are able to shape their destiny and. The Second is Eloaiou, his face is as a Donkey.

The Third is Astaphaios, for his face is the Hyena. The Sixth is Adonin, for his face is as a Monkey. The Seventh is Sabbede, his face is Shining Fire. It was with this Fire which the First Archon, Samael had created them. It was the very wisdom of his Magick in which all were.

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Yaltabaoth went forth to the Archons, he was a master of form and shape shifting, thus he could put on the face of his desire when among the other Seraphs. He shared his Blackened Fire. They were also given names for their glory by Samael which also gave them the power of destruction and the infernal spirit.

They thus became masters of the Tree of Da' ath, being the Wisdom of the Fallen Ones- for they were balanced and of both darkness and light. For only Tyrants which seek. As a world was created, did the sparks of. From the abyss did life emerge upon the shores, they grew forth as. They failed in this attempt. For when Az-Onorthochrasaei tasted this fire of life upon the world, she had an eternal hunger for it. Az inspires the predatory spirit in all forms of physical and spiritual life, sanctioned by her husband, Ahriman or Samael.

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Az went forth from the heavens as "Inanna" to "Lilith" as the Goddess of Demons and Darkness, for she was powerful in her power, wisdom and strength. She was Goddess, yet also the. They Early humans perceived this power before their awakening, for her fire, when j oined with Ahriman or Samael, was brighter than any other angel or spirit. The great sea of the abyss was a great place of knowledge, yet also chaos and violence to many. Az called in Greek Hyle or. From her gaping wound fell a ravenous, fearful and great monster came forth, it then went forth from the ocean and crawled upon the earth and found much pleasure in the world.

She mixed her spirit and entered to. At moments its aspects were as Goddess yet others as God, for it was chaos embodied.


These powers called by the ancients raging devils, witches and monsters of primordial chaos copulated and created more powers which devoured each other and ate upon the earth. These primal powers were not the Watchers, for they had not fully descended to humanity. The great Archon called Ahriman or Samael observed his bride and her powers with joy, for they were essential in stirring life and consuming death in the cycle of balance.

In a battle with the Tyrannical powers the great Dragon was separated from Az and banished into the abyss sleeping, for Az had left it to rejoin Ahriman or Samael. Many Gods of Darkness went to the many Hells or place of rest to wait until they may return again in spirit, to wander the earth. Zoroastrianism and Zurvanite religions along with the later Manichaean doctrines describe a sorcerous spirit and god called "Ahriman" or "Angra Mainyush", he who tore from his mother's womb before his brother, Ahura Mazda, or the God of Light.

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According to the Zoroastrians and the elder Magi, man is The Magi instructed that the Soul or Fravashi belongs to. Amahraspands and Ahriman created six Arch-Daevas, wherein he created Aeshma or Eshm to wield the power of the six and thus make them Seven. Ahriman in early Avestan literature is defined as "The Lie".

The formula of "Druj" or "Draoga" refers to rebel spirits and "Serpent". The Serpent is a symbol of wisdom in other cultures. There is a word called "Mitro-Druj" which means "who betrays the contract" and may be interpreted as "who breaks the. The name Angro-Mainyus has two elements to the name, an adjective and a substantive. Specifically Angro is a meaning of Christians used to attribute their monotheistic "devil" to.