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See Jesus in all the scriptures concerning Himself.

In a secular setting it may be intended as a humorous jibe when doubting someone's abilities. There are several places in the Bible in which this phrase is used with reference to those who demonstrate their lack of faith in Jesus' power to perform miracles. Here is an example from Miles Coverdale's Bible , Luke Considre the lilies vpo the felde, how they growe: they laboure not, they spynne not.

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But I saye vnto you: that euen Salomen in all his royalte was not clothed like one of these. Why are you arguing with one another about having no bread? Jesus knew what the disciples were saying among themselves, and He took them to task. Jesus: You men of little faith, do you really think that I care which baker you patronize?

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After spending so much time with Me, do you still not understand what I mean? So you showed up without bread; why talk about it? Why are you saying to each other, "We have no bread". But Jesus witting said to them, What think ye among you of little faith, for ye have not taken loaves? All rights reserved. Used by Permission. Used by permission.

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O Ye Of Little Faith

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Close this window. In O Me of Little Faith, author Jason Boyett brings you a transparent and personal account of his own of struggles with doubts and unbelief in living out his faith. With humor and frankness, Boyett uses personal anecdotes and a With humor and frankness, Boyett uses personal anecdotes and a fresh look at Scripture to explore the realities of pursuing Christ through a field of doubt. After three decades of knowing God, understanding Christianity, and living a Christian life, Boyett has come to the place where he can voice the tough questions and travel the road of uncertainty with blinders off, candor on.

The message along the way is one of encouragement: Relax.

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Rely on the grace of a merciful God, a kind father who realizes that his finite creatures must have doubts, should have questions, and will have trouble making sense of an infinite Creator. Ultimately, Boyett concludes that doubt and faith are not polar opposites, but actually work together, existing side-by-side. Uplifting, entertaining, hopeful, O Me of Little Faith will strike a chord with you and any Christian who's dealing with the uncertainties of living life in pursuit of a God who occasionally seems to disappear.

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Jason Boyett is a writer, speaker, marketing professional, and the author of Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, Pocket Guide to the Bible, and several other books. He has appeared on the History Channel and National Geographic Channel and written for a variety of publications. He lives in Texas with his wife, Aimee, and their two children. Learn more at www. Paperback May Rate This Product. Delivery and Shipping. Show More.

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