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You may need to put a little more work into it

Couples are not always talking about sex in healthy ways that enhance desire for connection.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Life begins at forty'?

The important part is being able to talk about it with your partner or a professional. And that can make sex feel, well, a little bit like doing dishes. Make sure you stop believing these 20 sex myths right now. You may see myths that claim that older women lose their ability to orgasm, but experts say that women over 40 may find more pleasure in sex than they ever did before. Blame hormones for the fact that sex gets a whole lot drier after Invest in lube—and some doctors will recommend estrogen cream applied to the area to help with dryness.

Sexually transmitted infections STIs may seem like a worry for somethings, but research by the Centers for Disease Control show that the numbers of people over 40 who develop STIs continues to rise.

This Is 40 () - IMDb

So even if the chances of pregnancy are slim to none, using condoms with a new partner is key for your health. Check out this list of 9 body changes that occur when you stop having sex. During the 40s, men may start to have erectile issues. Before relying on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis, men should look at lifestyle changes that can improve their sexual health.

Remaining wedded to your gym routine will also do wonders for your equipment, guys. Intercourse is great, but you may find yourself exploring other routes to pleasure. Catching up with co-workers over cocktails can be a splendid way to spend a weeknight evening, but so can watching true crime stories on Netflix.


With age comes the wisdom that you don't need to fulfill every single social obligation. Now, you need a vast amount of "is my partner even in bed with me?

The 40 Best Things About Life After 40

And because you're a more discerning shopper now, you know what to look for to get an excellent night's sleep. Who needs an exotic getaway when your own local leaf-peeping pics are so on point? But really moderation is to thank. Otherwise, sadly hangovers don't exactly get better over time. Do I have time to do that?

No, sorry. Can I do you a favor? No, I wish I could. It gets easier every time you say it, right? That's right. You can have your burgers and eat 'em too. Or, better yet, you allow yourself the occasional indulgences and you enjoy the heck out of them. Doubt it? As a young up-and-comer, you wanted to prove you were worth your salt by putting in a lot of face time.

Now, you have no problem using up that well-deserved PTO. Hate camping? Never taken a shine to yoga? Sorry, fellow passengers!

Real Housewives? The Bachelor? Let's pour some wine.


You used to wince when your own mom would dance in front of you, and suddenly, you look an awful lot like her when Katy Perry comes on. Totally fine by you.

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