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While they may be antioxidants in the micromolar concentrations achievable only in topical applications, in the nanomolar range achievable from virtually any form of oral consumption, they are not, but they are significantly anti-inflammatory, modulate numerous cell signaling pathways, including those involved in apoptosis and growth signals, and clearly were part of our ancient evolutionary diet where a pa leolithic diet could conceivably involve up to a gram or more of polyphenol consumption per day.

This suggests that polyphenols may may provide an unknown fraction of the many benefits of eating a diet of consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables. What are the quantities one must eat to get the daily quota of these vitamins, minerals, antioxidants? For instance how many oysters or cashews per day? In order to get all the nutrients ones needs, one has to write weekly menus of dishes that have the above mentioned foods, shop and then cook……very time consuming in this fast world we live today!

No wonder people prefer to take a multi vitamin a day! Thanks for your comments Agni. Cooking, getting menus for the week and grocery shopping are all very time consuming for us, I agree, so I would ask our readers to do what they feel they can to eat healthier, and make better choices e.

This is guided toward wellness, both body and mind. All this is fine and good.

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But this is a Harvard publication, not a tabloid article. It would be good to have notes listing the specific articles published in journals that are used for your posting and possibly offering links to them. The most comprehensive scientific findings supporting the role of nutritional health that I have found are in a book by Michael Greger MD , How Not to Die. It seemed to be a silly title ,but ,the idea is to know how to limit your chances for illness by being aware that our bodies are infinitely complex and require nutritionally rich foods in order to have the ability to heal.

I absolutely agree with you — this is a Harvard publication not a supermarket tabloid. Why is this article in the Gazette?

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Is there a Harvard science or research connection? All the other articles in the Gazette are about Harvard research and goings on — which is why I read the Gazette. Why not hold HSPH to the same standard? I am a senior 73 yrs young and really enjoy your articles on nutrition! I follow your advice and I take No pharmasuticals! Dedicated spiritual life is also So important! Thanks Nancy for your comments. I hope the advice allows you some guidance around healthy food choices.

I am very glad you are feeling well and yes, the mind-body connection is key! Many people still do require pharmaceuticals, and as a doctor I still support their use for my patients. Forcing our beliefs on children messes with their minds.

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All you have to do is show up. Just my 2-cents. I have advised12Steps to clients for many years and I believe in it. I also am aware of clients on medically assisted treatments being shamed at times in the rooms. The Big Book speaks eloquently about trauma without using the word. It also acknowledges more to come and willingness to incorporate new info.

I look for the common threads. I also have been at 12 Steps meetings from Barrow ,Alaska to Ojojona,Honduras ,no copay or deductible required. No church or party affiliation required. Only a desire to stop using. Same story really. It works if you work it. Thank you. It is only a matter of time. I have found this true to varying degrees just as I have found that alcoholics are many times above average in intelligence if they stay away from drinking. I sense however you have already read this book.

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Free association therapy within psychoanalysis also comes to mind. Thank you Dr. Sumrok for your desperately needed work. Why is that? This information is ground-breaking and revolutionary. I have a score of 8. Most certainly.

Marijuana-related ER visits by Colorado teens on the rise

There are a number of ways to success in defeating addictions at various stages. Once all willpower is gone, I find it very unlikely an individual will succeed without help, without which in most cases will end up in the penal system or early death say nothing of impact on their families. The 12 step program is the last stop for many of us — when all else has failed. It is an extremely pragmatic program. Freud, Jung, Adler et al invented a whole school of thought on such. But they live normal lives not becoming alcoholic or addicted.

Again, just my 2 cents. BR, Tom W. With attention to their autonomy,respect, and nonmaleficence always seeking beneficence. The hard things are addressed right away and the impossible things take a little longer.

Hansa on Medicine: Treating ADHD Without Medication

Well at least quite a few of them. Funny enough no test for those specific genes has been devised despite being widely mooted a few years back. Progress in the genetics has been rapid and complex defying easy or simple understanding of Mendelian genetics. There may not be a clinical lab test yet for PTSD but biomarkers and their mechanisms are emerging. Where can I find this treatment for my daughter? Thank you!

How do you get help for someone who is homeless and returning from incarceration repeatedly for 12 years? And going through intense therapy for DID. Ive been molested as a young girl. Currently getting off opioids, that were prescribed after a MVA. I have a serious Gambling Addiction. Ive fought my entire life to quiet my mind and memories of a traumatic childhood.

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I fell apart when I learned my 8 yo son had been sexually abused. Your article gives me hope! Especially for others who need help. I truly believe addiction is the direct link of childhood trauma.

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It is really a hopeless situation. Homeless and a walking mental case. No money, no insurance, no HELP. Many people who ended up getting help with Dr. Sumrok and others who take his approach felt the same way. Keep looking. I was sent this email today which is Sabbath afternoon. I have been struggling and all these ways in my PTSD and addictions since my childhood. I started smoking weed, and drinking in early TEEN years.