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tell a redemptive story with your life. now.

Two years later, I came across the concept of life coaching and realised that it was just what I had been searching for as a vehicle for helping others. Two self help books followed, with the second one being written in the summer of amongst the roses of Regents Park. I realised that through my coaching I could only reach so many people.

But through my writing I could change many lives. To me, the book is almost like a life manual about living a life with purpose, commitment and making a difference to yourself and others in whatever way works for you. So there we are — as we enter , I look forward to another year of contribution, celebration and connection.

And of course smelling the roses in Regents Park. I invite you to spend a few moments reflecting on your life — and how you can bring more unconditional love into the world. Arvinda, thanks for submitting this to my blog carnival!

Being Love : 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love -

This was a great read and I think my readers will really enjoy it also! Lovely post!!!

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I truly believe that the foundation of this world and life to go on and on rests truly on Love-true, unconditional and genuine love.. The only things that makes this world go round as they say is Love and its so true. This world becomes heaven and each moment a miracle if spent with love and kindness to each and everybody around- stranger or not.. Thanks Riya for visiting my blog and for your kind words — you have added so much to my original article with your words.

It is so true — everything in the world depends on true, unconditional and genuine love. And love is what keeps us alive and gives us a reason to live each moment in happiness. How wonderful is that! Lovely story, Arvind. When we are open to experience such moments of illumination, they often come unexpectedly and have life-changing results. Thanks Miss Footloose for visiting my blog and catching up on one my old blog posts. This is one of my favourite articles as it recounts a key life-changing experience for me. I can fully understand your story.

What wonderful way to express our humanity. Bring on the next book Arvind…. Thanks Ana — I am so glad you understood my story. I hope you get to visit the girls orphanage during your visit to Pondicherry. Thank you for sharing the Secret Garden with me Arvind… where I did stop to smell the roses.

LLM, Mica. What a beautiful story Arvind! Thanks for sharing your roses with me and I must also add that spending time in your company was a true lesson in how to live a life filled with kindness, love and everyday compassion for others. What a lovely post about a life changing moment. What a beautiful post Arvind!

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Thanks for linking to it! And it just keeps getting better! Thanks for sharing this Arvind! Love your story, very inspiring!!! Keep up the good work, there are many good things to come! Big hug, Idelma. All rights reserved. No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Arvind Devalia.

Privacy Policy. We tend to rush through life and forget about the things that really matter.


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Unconditionally Forgiving Others

November 27, at am. Riya says. June 11, at pm. Arvind Devalia says. June 14, at am. Miss Footloose says. August 7, at pm. August 10, at pm. May we all have many more such life-changing experiences September 9, at pm. As for the next book, watch this space Mica says. May 5, at pm. It is nigh impossible, so what you really need to do is to give the person an apple and let him or her experience the taste. I would love nothing more than to see every human being experience the unconditional love of God because I know that once you experience that love, your life will be transformed. Yet for those who are willing to experiment, I suggest you use the technique for attunement.

If you can open your heart to that love, you will have the experience. To help you open your heart, let me give you a few thoughts to ponder. Let me also encourage you to read the discourses by the Presence of the Unconditional Love and by Mother Mary.

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Thought 1 To gain a deeper understanding of unconditional love, consider the physical sun. According to the current scientific understanding which is somewhat incomplete , the sun is completely self-contained. It produces light by burning its own fuel, and therefore it needs nothing from outside itself.

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Without the life-giving rays of the sun, no life could exist on planet earth. Yet despite the fact that the sun gives to the beings of earth, the sun is asking nothing in return. The sun receives nothing from the earth in order to produce its light. It does not matter to the sun whether the people on earth worship it or seek to hide from it, whether they praise it or curse it.

No matter what people do or say, the sun simply keeps shining. It gives its light, and it continues to give its light without asking anything in return. There is nothing that human beings could do to cause the sun to turn off its light. God is completely self-contained and has no need to be worshiped by human beings. The concept of a god who needs to be worshiped is an example of how human beings project their own needs and desires unto God. This then becomes a graven image that replaces the true God.

God is self-contained and is constantly radiating its unconditional love to all parts of creation. God gives its unconditional love unconditionally. There are no conditions on earth that could possibly cause God to turn off or limit this unconditional love. No matter what people do, God keeps radiating love. The question is not whether you are worthy or whether God is offering that love to you. The real question is whether you are able and willing to receive that love.

Kenny Johnson - Experiencing Unconditional Love

You cannot turn off Gods love because it constantly radiates like the rays of the sun. Yet as you can hide from the sun, you can hide from God's love. However, such a sense of identity is a temporary manifestation that will exist only as long as you choose to maintain it. Thought 3 Because most people are trapped in the dualistic state of mind, they cannot understand God's unconditional love.

Yet all of the outer standards that human beings have defined were defined based on the duality of the dualistic mind. Therefore, they have no reality in God. God has no standard for determining whether you are worthy of his love. His love is unconditional. Why does God give love regardless of what you have done or have not done?

If God were to restrict or turn off that love, God would immediately destroy parts of his creation—parts of himself. God has no desire to do so because God is truly a God of love. God is love. God is a sun of unconditional love, and suns radiate light. God radiates unconditional love because that is who God is.